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Empower Your Soul
Connection - Part 13

by Owen Waters

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Part 13 - Greatest Moments in Your Past Lives

Review: Basic Principles That Empower You

As a teenager, high school bored me to tears. At the age of 16, rather than face two more years trapped inside the belly of boredom, I took the opportunity to switch to what was essentially a trade school. I became a marine engineering officer cadet in the British Merchant Navy.

My task was to learn the ins and outs of large ship propulsion and, if a ship were to break down in the middle of some endless expanse of ocean, be able to manufacture any parts needed to get the ship going again. That was quite an engineering challenge although, as you can tell from the photo, I tended to lean more toward being a "space cadet" than an engineering cadet!

As it turned out, I actually liked the school part of the training with practical subjects like Thermodynamics of Heat Engines. It did seem a little odd for the teaching staff to have to address the cadets in the naval tradition of "Mister (whatever)" - kind of like Mister Spock or Mister Sulu on Star Trek, except that we were essentially just a bunch of school kids, not grown-up "Misters" at all.

My Applied Mechanics teacher found a compromise. He addressed me as, "Mister Waters, lad!" One day, he confided in me a secret of how to really master the subject matter that he taught.

"Basic principles, Mister Waters, lad." he declared thoughtfully. "Once you understand the basic principles, you can solve ANY problem!"

I never forgot those words as they rang so true. Even if the basic principles might seem esoteric, remote, or unreal compared to daily life, they still empower you to solve any related problem.

As an example, look at quantum physics. Nobody understands quantum physics. They just know how to work the mathematics to produce a desired effect. The basic principles of quantum physics sound like "La-La land" at best, so those physicists who can live with weird phenomena just master the math and get on with solving the problem.

If an atomic particle moves back in time to change its past, they don't worry about it acting all woo-woo. They just accept what is, replace "t" for time in their equations with "-t" (minus "t" or negative "t" - i.e. time that runs backwards) and off they go solving the problem at hand because the formula works just great with a minus "t" in it.

It's the same with the emerging science of Spiritual Metaphysics. How are you supposed to live day in and day out knowing that this physical reality is all a dream? It's hard to reconcile the soul-based reality with the vividly real illusion of physicality.

But, when you know the basic principle - it's a dream and therefore changeable - suddenly, you're one of the few people in the world who knows how parallel timelines can be possible!
Here are some of the other basic principles we have covered on this course. They, too, will free you to understand life from a wider, more all-inclusive perspective.

• The human mind is multi-dimensional and independent of the physical brain.

• Infinite Being, that which is behind even the Creator, is the sense of awareness within all people and all things.

• While your soul mind is based in 5D (fifth density, the nonphysical mental realm), it also operates right here in the 3D physical realm as part of your physical mind. Whether you choose to be conscious of it is the question. It's right there in the back of your mind, ready for your attention to turn in its direction.

• You can quickly access your soul mind by becoming used to the feeling of the subtle sound which is the unique signature tone (or sigtone) of your soul consciousness.

• Your soul has the freedom of connecting with all life, all situations, all times, and all places on this and any timeline. Your inner being is your personal connection to the universe as a whole, to the higher realms, and ultimately to Infinite Being.

• As life is a dream, the only thing real about physical life is your experience of it.

• Life is a projection that reflects back at you, the observer, within your field of soul consciousness.

• Matter is composed of energy and energy, like everything, is made of consciousness.

• With the Soul Simulation technique, you can set an intention to create a version of you - an alternate, simulated version of you - who will explore a path of action to develop any potential you wish to investigate.

• It is curiosity that creates alternate versions of you and it is the satisfaction of that curiosity that ends the simulation.

• You can change your past as easily as you can change your future.

• Any time a future version of you helps you with inspiration for a better life, your action changes your future and also their past. Every change you make causes their history to morph into a new, improved version.

Exercise - Greatest Moments in Your Past Lives

By now, you are very familiar with the Soul Simulation technique from Part 9: Activating the spinal column while charging the heart chakra, then using that to energize the brow chakra, then tuning into the feeling or sound of the signature tone of your soul consciousness.

Today, before heading off down the magic tunnel, ask your soul to provide you with one - just one - of the greatest moments in your past incarnations. Your soul will select the most suitable past life experience for your education and enlightenment in this session. Trust in your soul and see what comes up.

In this exercise, the magic tunnel will transport you to a scene in a past life where you will be a dispassionate observer witnessing a scene from one of your past lives. As an observer, you can float above the scene and observe the details of your surroundings and your past persona.

Are there shoes on your feet? If so, what are they like? What is your skin color, hair color, sex, age, and what are you wearing? What is around you - countryside, hills, a beach, a town or city? The more details you observe and absorb, the deeper you will move into the experience.

Now, what is the action of this scene? Who else is there and what is their relationship to the past version of you? Ask your soul to guide you as to the meaning of this experience, not just the physical action, but also the deeper meaning of the experience at a soul level.

When you are done, retreat back along the magic tunnel to your brow chakra, then drop down to your heart chakra and relax while contemplating what you have learned.

This exercise can be repeated many times. Knowing about your past can answer many questions that you might have about your present life, your personality type, your skills and interests, and even any fears that may bother you for no apparent reason. It is an enlightening research tool for increasing your sense of self-awareness.

*** End of Course ***
Thank you for being here.
It has been fun.