Spiritual Seekers



Empower Your Soul
Connection - Part 6

by Owen Waters

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Part 2 - The Soul Connection Technique
Part 3 - The Soul's Function
Part 4 - Levels of Consciousness
Part 5 - Inner Mind versus Outer Mind

Part 6 - The Dream of the Soul

Begin today by reviewing the Soul Connection technique from Part 2 and making sure that your practice of it follows the steps outlined.

In this way, you will be ready for the extended version that we will begin shortly on this course. The extended version will add on an entire soul contact experience for the purpose of exploring your potential avenues of development in life.

Today, end your Soul Connection technique with a shift in perspective.

Attune yourself to your soul's signature tone, then become one with your soul through the feeling that this subtle tone carries.

Then, rather than seeing yourself as a person experiencing physical life, instead see yourself from the actual perspective of your soul.

See yourself as a soul dreaming that you are having a physical experience.

Part 7: https://www.infinitebeing.com/soulc/soulc-7.htm