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Empower Your Soul
Connection - Part 12

by Owen Waters

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Part 12 - Changing Your Future Self's Past!

Alternate timelines or parallel realities have been portrayed in science fiction books and movies for decades, but no one could ever explain how such duplicate realities could possibly exist. After all, physical reality is solid, so how can it morph into something else just like it was a dream?

Well, now we know. It is a dream!

As physical reality is a dream, anything can be changed by changing the dream, and that is the answer to the mystery of how parallel timelines can exist. Understanding that principle makes you one of the few people on earth who actually know how alternate timelines are possible!

In everyday life, anyone can understand the concept of changing your future by changing your mind about what decisions you will make. After all, the general belief is that future doesn't happen until it comes along.

However, if time travel is a reality in the soul realms, it can also be explored by humans once its secrets are discovered. Time travel in consciousness is an ability that you and I can develop right now. With advancements in technology, it will even become possible for physical beings in physical vehicles to relocate to other times.

Just like every soul and every energetic particle in existence, every physical location and every point in time have their own unique signature tones. By knowing the sigtone of a location in time and space, you will be able to relocate there.

Think about what would happen if a future incarnation of you traveled back in time to help you in some way in your present life. Their past is your future, but does that make your future fixed? No, not at all.

You probably wouldn't meet a future self physically but they could easily inspire your awareness with suggestions that they see might be helpful to you. In such a case, they would be acting as a guide encouraging you to change what would have been your future path and - here is the critical point - such a change would immediately change their past!

The past history that a future incarnation of you had experienced would, by their helping you to move forward in some way, be changed. Suddenly, they would have a new set of past experiences - their past and your future - because of your decision to live life better in some way than they originally had done.

As an example, let's say you are in the year 2021 and a future version of you from the year 2300 comes back in time to mentally visit with you. If, from their guidance, you make changes to what you would have done, then your experience of, say, the year 2025 is going to be different from the one they experienced in their past. What happens then? Their past morphs into a new version which includes the new version of an improved year in 2025 and all the other changes that this engenders.

Does such a thing happen? Do future selves come back in time to act as present-day guides to you?

From my observations, this is actually a fairly common phenomenon among today's spiritual seekers. The result is that, with every successful case of future selves inspiring better situations, The Shift to the New Reality is being tweaked and constantly improved.

The Shift that we experience as time goes on will be even better than The Shift that they experienced in their past.

After all, what's time travel for if you can't use it to make things better? And, it's one of the skills we can learn from our souls and from our explorations into soul consciousness.

Exercise: Contact Your Future Self

By now, you are very familiar with the Soul Simulation technique from Part 9: Activating the spinal column while charging the heart chakra, then using that to energize the brow chakra, then tuning into the feeling or sound of the signature tone of your soul consciousness.

Today, before heading off down the magic tunnel, the intention that you set will be to contact your future self. Remember, all past and future incarnations are effectively present in the Now. They are just different viewpoints along your personal timeline, so they can all be contacted quite easily at a soul level.

Because your brain entrains you to the progress of your timeline, you never see outside of your present moment. Your soul, on the other hand, has a field of vision which includes all times past, present, and future. Your soul can also put you in direct contact with a future version of yourself.

The question is, from how far ahead in the future will this future version of you come?

In the 1990s, a lot of contacts were made by future selves who lived 300 years into the future and had traveled back in time to help inspire their past selves in that 1990s period. It was the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 that opened the doorway to their initial attempts at contact.

Those "Plus-300s" from 300 years in the future were very interested in helping us to upgrade our experience of The Shift to global higher consciousness. However, for the most part, their identity remained unrealized. Most people simply thought of them as highly compatible, deeply understanding guides.

Since the 2012 gateway, when global consciousness took a giant leap forward, another generation of contactees from the future have appeared on the scene. These are the "Plus-1200s" from 1200 years in our future.

Some of these are physical 4D beings like the Plus-300s, but many of them are from cultures which have just evolved (in their time) into 5D nonphysical existence. This means that they have finally stepped off the wheel of physical reincarnation and have returned to life in the 5D soul-level realm as immortal beings supported by bodies made of higher mental energies.

Just imagine how useful Plus-1200 future selves can be to us. They have access to basically any information in the universe. Just by focusing on the question, they can immediately locate the answer because of the interconnectedness in 5D of all life, all situations, all times, and all places. It truly is a realm of enormous freedom and great opportunity for personal growth.

Your focus today will be your own "Plus-1200" self from 1200 years in your future.

Your intention will be set by asking your soul to connect you with your Plus-1200 self. As you move your awareness from your brow chakra down the magic tunnel to the doorway at the end, that is who will be there to meet you. Expect them to adopt a physical-like form as a convenience for your ease of communication.

Take a seat and ask them what, from their perspective, they would like you to know. Take as long as you want to be receptive to their ideas.

When you are done for this session, retreat back along the magic tunnel to your brow chakra, then drop down to your heart chakra and relax while contemplating what you have learned.

Do this exercise as often as you like.

Part 13: https://www.infinitebeing.com/soulc/soulc-13.htm