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Higher Consciousness

Finding Peace and
Joy Above the Noise

by Owen Waters

In a world filled with intense conflict, can you really rise above it all? Can you really find peace and joy above the noise and clatter of politics, steaming resentment, and even hatred that circulates today?

The answer is yes, definitely... if you know how. This book will provide you with that exact information.

This deeply insightful book makes the vibrational scale of human consciousness crystal-clear. It shows you exactly how to rise above the turmoil into a realm of peace and joy and it shows you how to avoid the common traps that exist today. It also shows you exactly how your action in rising to states of higher consciousness benefits everyone on the planet... far more than you ever realized!

With this book, you will be ready to step into a powerful new realm of freedom and joy, one in which you see real, transformational magic happen in your life and in your surroundings.

Bring Higher Consciousness into your life now and set your spirit free!

Available as either:

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(3) An e-book PDF download - printable, view on any computer, tablet or smartphone. Just US$9.97...

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