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Higher World

by Owen Waters

New book
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Every spiritual seeker, lightworker, and lover of the Divine knows that we are here today to witness the manifestation of a long-prophesied ascension. This change will be sudden and it will see the creation of conditions which will manifest heaven on earth.

What many people don't realize is that heaven is not coming to us; we are going to heaven! Not through death, but by the world being risen in the twinkling of an eye.

On that day, the earth will rise in vibration because everything physical - our bodies, the ground beneath our feet, and everything around us will rise in frequency. Our destination will be the basic realm of heaven and, yet, we will be physical!

The coming ascension will include everyone. It is not for a select few and it is not optional. Everyone will ascend to a higher physical reality, powered by pre-ordained cosmic energies and propelled by Divine agency into a realm of higher natural frequency and higher consciousness.

As the day approaches, the nature of this ascension is becoming increasingly clear. In this new book, Ascension to a Higher World, secrets will be revealed about many related topics, bringing you a picture of exactly what to expect on the day of ascension.

Here are just a few of the deep-insight subjects covered:

• First, get a clear picture of the higher realms of existence.
  Learn where we are and where we are going in the grand
  scheme of life.

• Next, discover the way of traditional ascension. Yes, there
  is a traditional path others have individually followed.

• Discover how mass ascension will happen.

• Learn what new human capabilities will emerge.

• Discover what to expect from life in the ascended world.

• Find out what this will mean for humanity as a whole.

       Order your personal copy of Ascension to a Higher World now and discover for yourself everything you need to know about life in the fast-approaching New Reality of heaven on earth.

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