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Enlightenment Now

A 7-part course by Owen Waters

Part 7 - Unprecedented Spiritual Growth

(Parts 1-6 can be found here)

The main event of The Shift will occur when the Earth makes a significant rise in frequency, carrying us into a more subtle level of physical existence. At the same time, those in the afterlife will be risen to a higher frequency of existence, as in the Biblical prediction that, “the dead shall be risen.”

People will be aware that the physical world has changed. They will notice that colors are brighter, sounds have a deeper dimension, the sky looks different, the stars are brighter, and telepathy is a lot easier to achieve. This will be the start of life in a less dense physical reality. For spiritual seekers, what happens next is the really exciting part.

Higher states of consciousness will become even easier to achieve when you have a physical body which, like all matter, will be made up of less dense physical matter than before. Extended forays into soul consciousness and its joyful state of beingness will become popular as the new frontier of exploration. Body and spirit will work hand in hand for rapid evolution and transformation.

As your consciousness continues to rise, so too will the frequency of your physical body. You will be able to explore even higher realms of vibratory existence. As you do, your life span will extend, making still more progress possible while in the same physical body. A great push for higher potential will emerge among spiritual seekers simply because the floodgates of progress will be wide open as, indeed, they already are today.

Never before in the history of humanity have we faced such enormous potential for advancement and spiritual progress as we do today. If you acquire one life-enhancing new habit right now, it should be to take advantage of every opportunity for spiritual development because the results can be phenomenal.

Every step that you take today – from spiritual study to healing to creating a better world – will be a giant leap in your personal evolution. Never before has such progress been possible in such a short period of time.

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