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Enlightenment Now

A 7-part course by Owen Waters

Part 6 - The Global Shift to
Higher Consciousness

(Parts 1-5 can be found here)

A day is coming when the Earth will rise in the heavens vibrationally. This beautiful Mother Earth will experience an increase in the frequency of all matter in a quantum leap that takes her, us, and everything in the world to a higher plane of existence.

We have been experiencing a gradual rise in the frequency of all physical matter since the 1960’s, when the Earth was imbued with the cosmic energies which will eventually culminate in the main event of The Shift. The increasing rate of change that we have been experiencing in the world is symptomatic of the increasing presence of these cosmic energies in the human realm.

The Shift is the greatest evolutionary leap in the history of humankind. It is the spiritual and creative awakening of humanity. In the emerging New Reality consciousness, we experience new vistas of awareness, new levels of creativity, and follow our hearts to make our own meaningful contributions towards the betterment of the world.

There are specific stages in the evolution of the humanity, both at the individual and societal level. You can tell that these stages are encoded into the design of the human experience because they correspond exactly to the main chakras or energy centers in the subtle anatomy of each human.

As you will see in the diagram, the root and the crown chakras are singular energy centers while the other five chakras are dual in nature, having both front and back faces.

The Twelve Faces of the Major Chakras

12 chakras


Stages in the Current Development of Society

Chakra face
     1 Root chakra Instinctual. Personal survival
     2 Sex chakra – front Emotional-receptive Clans
     3 Sex chakra – back Emotional-active Courage
     4 Solar plexus front Intellectual-receptive Ordered purpose
     5 Solar plexus back Intellectual-active Achievement
     6 Heart chakra front Holistic-receptive Caring community
     7 Heart chakra back Holistic-active Responsible freedom
     8 Throat chakra front Creative-receptive  Intuitive development

In the earliest days of Stone Age experience, the individual drive for basic survival in stage 1 gave way to the gathering of clans for mutual protection. Once safety was established, stage 3 emerged where the more adventurous people went exploring far and wide to find better opportunities for their clans.

As the ethic of courage developed, so did conflict and disorder among the young and the restless. Stage 4 emerged as the solution – an era where natural leaders rose into position to maintain an ordered sense of purpose. Rules were made, which were to be followed for the good of the whole.

As people settled into this era of feudal society, the foundation for stage 5 and the Age of Reason was slowly being prepared. Ordered purpose is one thing, the foremost thinkers began to say, but how long are you supposed to wait for the promised rewards of obeying orders?

The dawning of intellectual reasoning brought greater vistas of human possibility than before. The application of intellect brought forth new inventions and new ways of catering to the needs of society. The spreading waves of initiative and opportunity led onwards to the Industrial Revolution, which transformed the all-pervasive peasant class into wage-earners of comparative prosperity.

Today, the stage 5 era of self-serving intellect is drawing to a close as the new, heart-centered consciousness emerges. More than one in five adults today have stepped into stage 6 consciousness and beyond.

When a person begins to explore heart-centered consciousness, they typically develop environmental awareness. As more people do this, increasing pressures are applied to contain the polluting side-effects of rampant industrial growth and to introduce long-term sustainability. Stage 6 is where the vistas of awareness expand yet again to include issues that are important for the greater good of society.

Stage 7 is of particular significance because it is the first stage of spiritual awareness. While stage 6 allowed people to acclimatize to the feel of holistic, heart-centered consciousness, stage 7 springs this potential into action. With this holistic-active chakra, people learn how to express the all-inclusive vision of the heart and start to make a real difference in the world. While the sixth chakra face in stage 6 is heartfelt, the seventh chakra face is heart-powered.

Stage 8 is where a connection to soul consciousness begins to be established and intuitive development brings inner guidance and wisdom to the fore. This is the leading edge of spiritual development today and, thanks to the continually increasing frequency of The Shift, this level of consciousness is becoming more accessible all the time.

Today’s Most Powerful Spiritual Path

During these rapidly changing times, the most powerful spiritual path is one of spiritual action rather than slow and passive development. The universal Law of Karma states that all action, including spiritual action, causes an equal reaction. With Karma Yoga – the path of spiritual action – you don’t just seek spiritual upliftment within yourself and stop there. Instead, you create a cycle of action and reaction by attracting inspirational energy into yourself and then sending it out to heal the world. The universal law guarantees that you will receive spiritual upliftment in return, but something even more important happens as well. By opening your heart to heal the world, your act of unselfish service elevates your consciousness in a way that is more certain that any other spiritual path today.

The Shift is rapidly transforming humanity into new heights of awareness and spiritual empowerment, but time is running out. Millions of people have yet to re-awaken to their spiritual purpose in life. Many of them are fence-sitters, stuck in the hypnotic trance that passes for life today and waiting for a nudge, for any kind of help to make it into the New Reality.

The Shift needs your help! You can make a huge difference in helping other spiritual seekers to awaken. Perform the World Healing Technique correctly, then watch the reaction that comes back to you over the days that follow.

Try it and see! You will be amazed.



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