Spiritual Insight




The Lightworker Mission

Reconnect With Your
Primary Purpose

by Owen Waters

This is the perfect time to be a conscious lightworker, to be one who becomes aware of their higher purpose. If you were unsure of how to best progress in this manner, let this book be your guide to discovering your own unique potential in your contribution to today's exciting journey of human transformation.

In this book, you will discover:

• How to best contact the source of your highest joy
• The real reason you came to earth as a lightworker
• How to enhance the flow of your inner knowingness
• How to recharge your entire being with vital life energy
• The true nature of the higher aspect of your consciousness
• Three powerful steps to greater enlightenment
• and much more…

Available as either:

(1) An Amazon Kindle e-book (available in English only) via these links - Amazon.com USA or Amazon sites in Canada, Australia, UK, Brazil, Netherlands, Spain, or

(2) A printed Paperback book from the above sites.

(3) As a PDF download - printable, view on any computer, tablet or smartphone. Introductory price - just US$7.99. Download The Lightworker Mission and set your spirit free!

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