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The Nine Pillars of Power

A Teachings of the Masters Course
Presented by Owen Waters

The Nine Pillars of Power are energetic archetypes of transformation which have the power to bring you success in every aspect of your life. Once these inbuilt forces of Creation are understood, you can use them to bring unprecedented spiritual growth into your life.

The Nine Pillars of Power are imbued with the essence of the universal principles which form the foundation of physical reality. These potent, ever-present archetypes act as resources from which we can draw energy and inspiration.

The urgency behind the Masters releasing this new information is to help spiritual seekers develop more conscious awareness at a soul level. These archetypes exist at the level of soul consciousness and your connecting with them will center you in soul consciousness.

The practices given throughout this course will develop the elevated spiritual awareness that occurs when you make these contacts at the soul level.

Regular price for this 9-week course: US $198
Special price for all leading-edge visionaries:
US $99
**Registration for the current course has now closed**

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