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The 2012 Transformation Course

A Teachings of the Masters Course
Presented by Owen K Waters

The 2012 gateway offers the single most powerful opportunity for spiritual advancement in 26,000 years!

The 2012 gateway is an energetic vortex which occurs on December 21st, 2012 and the best way to pass through it is to prepare now for its result. Then, once through the energetic vortex and emerging on the other side, you will already be established along your best possible spiritual trajectory.

The type of spiritual growth that will emerge in the New Reality goes beyond the old level in a very significant way. The new frequency the next stage in spiritual development is geared toward better contact with your soul level of consciousness. Because your soul is in perfect contact with the universe and the Creator, all superconscious abilities will eventually unfold to you along this path.

The 2012 Transformation course is a 22-part course on mastering spiritual growth in the emerging New Reality. This new breakthrough material, supplied through the inspiration and guidance of the ascended master Saint Germain, will be presented in a way that provides a vital daily focus through the 2012 gateway, starting on December 1st and continuing through December 22nd.

Each day on this 22-part course, you will receive a new lesson and you will be invited to participate in daily attunement sessions where ascended masters will be available and ready to assist you in reaching the new level of consciousness. You can choose either the group core time or one more suited to your circumstances for your daily session. Your own circumstances will determine the best time for you to participate.

In these daily attunements, regardless of the time of day you participate, you will be showered with spiritual light by the ascended masters, illuminating your soul level of consciousness so that you can become accustomed to tuning into this vital new level of spiritual consciousness.

**This course is now closed**

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