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Why Are We Here?

by Owen Waters


There are three levels to the question, “Why am I here?”

1. Why am I here personally in this life?

2. Why do human beings exist?

3. Why did God create the universe?

The answer to each question is different. The third question, “Why did God create the universe?”, holds the honor of being the longest-running mystery in the history of human existence.

Until December 2007, no one in a physical body had the answer. Now they do!

Discover the answer to the great, universal mystery and the answers to all of these questions in our latest e-book, which is available exclusively at Amazon.com at their lowest allowable price of US$0.99. Yes, just 99 cents!

“The Answer to Why We Are Here” by Owen Waters is available as a downloadable e-book on Amazon.com, along with their free e-book reader software: