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Discover New Vistas of
Inspiration, Love and Creativity
through Spiritual Metaphysics

About Infinite Being and
the Conscious Universe:

Infinite Being is the all-encompassing consciousness
from which the universe was created. It is the fabric
from which the reality of our world is made.

Everything in the universe is composed of
consciousness, including energy, matter and
the physical body in which your soul operates.

Your primary purpose in life is to develop your
inbuilt state of higher consciousness and thereby
awaken the sense of joyful living that this engenders.

Learn how to make a conscious connection
to your inner being so that you can:

Discover your infinite possibilities
Become spiritually self-empowered
Make the deepest possible spiritual connection
Manifest your full potential
Become an expression of your true, inner being
Gain the happiness which is your birthright

Spiritual Growth Articles

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